Smart Boost System Review: Indiegogo Crowdfunding 101


Though there are many sites online, some tend to be more ground breaking than others. Since the advent of the Internet, some people individuals and groups of people have created unique opportunities for vast number of users. Many of them involve finding additional ways to generate income for the family, while also opening up doors for others too. “Crowdfunding websites are making waves as the next big opportunity to make money online”, reports Milton from popular crowdfunding agency Smart Boost System.

In some cases, the crowfunding ideas that ordinary Americans are coming up with are phenomenal because they can change entire industries around the globe. The Smart Boost System works with many innovative and ground breaking ideas from crowdfunders who want to raise money on Indiegogo. Even if you have a great idea, crowdfunders enroll their crowdfunding project at because they need help getting it noticed by crowdfunders.

One of the notable crowdfunding websites that stand out immediately is the site that large amounts of users visit every day on a regular basis is called The Smart Boost System specializes in getting your crowdfunding project funded on Indiegogo. This site is not only shaking things up in the financial world, its beginning to take a major lead in changes the laws and regulations that govern how business projects are being funded. That said, here is a little history about this company. The startup of this site can be traced by to 2008 and the credit can be given to the following people: Danae Ringelmann,]Slava Rubin, and Eric Schell, and the headquarters for their beginning could be found in San Francisco, California.
The primary concept behind this crowdfunding site was to provide a financial platform that people all over the globe could use for their business ideas, which was called crowdfunding. Crowdfunding offered a unique way of funding a wide variety of different kinds of projects, especially as it Is compared to traditional financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and other types of finance businesses that loaned individuals and organizations what they need to start a new business or fund an existing business with the money that they need. The basic key to getting people involved in these types of financial ventures is matching up people with the innovative ideas with the people who have the funds to invest in a business. With this type of concept, it provides a win win solution for all involved.

It is also important to note that this platform was built to support a myriad of ventures that people could be involved in including offering financial assistance to charities, new ideas and start-up businesses. To help with facilitating the exchange in money, those who were interested could send their financial transactions through at least 2 mediums and they included credit cards and Paypal. Both of which are simple and reputable sources for financing anything online.

Also, because of the increasing popularity that these types of business ventures and investments receives today around the globe, the site receives about 15 million users visiting this site on a monthly basis. When you use services such as the Smart Boost System to help you get exposure among the lucrative crowdfunding audiences it can explode you projects success. These users are not restricted to only a few countries since the site is generating a vast amount of participation from users around the globe.
In addition to funding business ideas and supporting various kinds of charities, the site launched another option for those that want to get involved. This new feature allows visitors to raise money for other essential needs like life emergencies or medical expenses that people need to support those who have specific situations that they need financial help with. To date, is currently responsible for raising 50 plus million dollars.

To learn more about launching a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo and raising funds, visit the Smart Boost System reviews.


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