Top 10 Indiegogo Crowdfunding Projects – SmartBoostSystem Review

Indiegogo projects are using a crowdfund marketing service called the SmartBoostSystem review.

Crowdfunding gives entrepreneurs a new hope to launch their creative ideas. There are even crowdfund marketing services that help them do it, such as the Smart Boost System. In the past, if an individual or a group of people wanted to start a new business venture, they had to face a number of different challenges, especially if they wanted to be successful. One of the biggest hurdles that most aspiring business owners had to face was securing the money to finance the start up and pay for other expenses that they needed to keep the operation running smoothly until they could turn a profit. In some cases, people had to give up on their idea because they could not obtain the money from a bank or credit union. Specifically because the individual or organization could not meet the requirements for the amount needed.

Today, as a result of the Internet and a lot of ingenuity, there are lots of opportunities online that can assist with getting started. One of the most innovative and popular among many business owners in a variety of different industries is called crowdfunding. These crowdfunding activities can be found on a site that is called by the name This site has been designed to provides their visitors with a range of opportunities including becoming an investor fund a business idea.

Many crowdfunding projects use Smart Boost System, an Indiegogo crowdfund marketing services to promote their crowdfuning campaigns. The SmartBoostSystem gets your Indiegogo project more exposure, higher page rank, and more funding. Many crowdfunders have given the Smart Boost System reviews and rated them highly. The Smart Boost System team reviews and accepts indiegogo projets on a daily basis into their crowdfunding projects. Many of the big projects on this list have benefited tremendously from the kind of crowdfunding exposure that you can get from their services.

Indiegogo crowdfunding promotions such as the Smart Boost System help crowdfunders access the power of the crowd to get funded.

To get started on Indiegogo, the crowdfunder must post the idea that they have on the site and any related information that is required so that the investors can easily view it. Once the idea is posted and acquires a certain amount of interest, it is ranked with other projects that have been submitted. That’s where the really helps out in boosting your indiegogo campaigns gogo factor and page rank. These rankings will help investors to find the projects that have the highest interest so that they can make an investment too. With this in mind, here are 10 of the top Biggest Funded Indiegogo Crowdfunding Projects that have been successful using this platform.

#1 – Ubuntu Edge – is a project that represents the development of an innovative smart phone.
amount raised – over $12 million dollars

#2 – Flow Hive – involves the production of a new type of bee hive box.
amount raised – over $12 million dollars

#3 – Baubax – involves one of the most funded clothing projects. Designers have created a new type of travel jacket that incorporates several different features (i.e. eye mask, neck pillow, gloves earphones and the like)
amount raised – over $10 million dollars

#4 -Restore King Chapel Now. Every Day & Dollar Counts -Restore Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel
amount raised – over $5 million dollars

#5 -An Hour of Code for Every Student -All students in every school should have a chance to learn computer science
amount raised – over $5 million dollars

#6 – Super Troopers -Sequel to the 2002 movie Super Troopers. Funding still in progress.
amount raised – over $4 million dollars

#7 -Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones -The latest fusion of fashion and functionality with external cat ear speakers and LED lights.
Amount raised – over $ 2.9 million dollars

#8 -Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations Beer – Opening of a brewery in Berlin, Germany – fund expansion by pre-selling beer.
Amount Raised – $ 1 million dollars

#9 – Jolla Tablet -Tablet uses MeeGo-based Linux Sailfish Operating system.
Amount raised – over $2.5 million dollars

#10 – Lazer Team -movie tells the story of an extraterrestrial intelligence
Amount raised – over $2.4 million dollars

Crowdfunding on Indiegogo takes proper crowdfund marketing promotions. Many crowdfunders need help from an experiences service such as the SmartBoostSystem. To learn more about how to get your project funded click here to watch crowdfunding videos from the Smart Boost System.


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